Friday, March 30, 2012

All the way from England ...

  ...I have a sweet friend - more like a far-away sister - who lives in England now. 

   She was born and grew up in Romania, and after knowing her for several years we even got to meet her in-person when she lived at the Christian Aid Ministries orphanage. Those two short days that we spent with her in 2003 will always be a special, treasured memory. 

    Life moves on so quickly, and it's hard to believe that was almost 9 years ago now! It didn't take very long at all for us three girls to become friends and sisters-for-life. Every now and then I pull out the big picture album and flip through the pictures that document that trip to Romania with Daddy & my sister, Heidi. 

     Time sure changes things. Today, I am happily married with 3 small children. England is now her home, and she too is married with a darling little girl of her own!  Thankfully, through snail-mail, emails, and now Facebook, we have been blessed to still continue to stay in touch with each other, even though we live half a world apart! 


   One day a couple weeks ago, I was shocked to pull a package out of the mailbox with the senders address from England!! Instantly I knew who it was from and tore into the wrapping. Out came two darling little outfits that dear Cristiana had mailed to us all the way from England for baby Lincoln! 
The miles are many between here and there - but thoughts and prayers can fly in an instant to reach clear across the world and make it seem much nearer.

He smiles for you, dear Cristiana, to tell you Thank you for your sweet, loving gifts. 

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  1. Yes, I have good memories of Kristina too even though I've never met her. And she sent us, in the same package, a beautiful doily that graces my dining table now. It looks so nice over a red tablecloth from your wedding. Wish I could give her and her little girl a squeeze from Grandma Sarah today.